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levenoDr. Leveno has a well rounded practice including patients of all ages and back grounds. He has special interest and skills involving minimally invasive surgery, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, high risk pregnancy, vaginal/vulvar disorders, nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases and menopause. Dr. Leveno is committed to excellence in individualized care.
Dr. Leveno has an established practice in obstetrics-gynecology, located on the campus of the Medical Center of Plano. He is committed to excellence in the care of women throughout their life stages. Dr. Leveno is well trained, having graduated from UT-Southwestern’s residency program, which is recognized as one of the top programs in the nation. He is a second generation obstetrician-gynecologist and is known for his ability to listen carefully to his patients in an effort to correctly diagnose and treat them.
Dr. Leveno is aware of the stress some patients encounter regarding doctor visits and takes pride in his ability to make visits a comfortable experience. His staff is a small, close-knit group who attend carefully and conscientiously to all their patients. The staff is very capable of helping patients navigate the treacherous waters regarding interactions with insurance companies and hospitals.

Dr. Leveno is proud to operate and deliver exclusively at the Medical Center of Plano. This is due to the excellent care he believes it provides for his patients, from its Level III neonatal intensive care unit, its 425 bed hospital tower, to its expansive and all private maternity floor. Dr. Leveno focuses his attention at one facility so that he is not distracted from caring for his patients by traveling to multiple facilities. Dr. Leveno and his staff respect the value of your time and go to great lengths to minimize your wait time. Everyone in the office is confident your experience will exceed your expectations.

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Please Watch Abbi’s Story

This moving video represents the kind of service that Dr. Leveno & the staff at Medical Center of Plano can offer you as a patient. Having the best attention by their side in a time of need gave Abbi and her family something to be grateful for the rest of their lives. If you are looking for an OB/GYN physician to go above and beyond, you can count on Dr. Leveno to give you peace of mind!

Kelcey’s Story

Tracey Thompson and Kelley McKissack are a mother and daughter who now share an even more special bond. In a labor of love, Tracey, age 54, offered to carry her grandchild for her daughter, Kelley, who struggled with infertility. Dr. Joseph Leveno, delivered Kelcey, a healthy baby girl, and worked diligently with the family to ensure a safe and happy outcome for all involved. Grandmother, mother, and baby are all healthy.

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