Patient Testimonials

Even before we were married, we knew that we would have trouble conceiving a child. I had been to various OB-GYN’s who had been unable to determine why I was unable to get pregnant. This went on and on for 3 years.
Then, while on vacation in North Carolina, my husband came down with a really bad ear infection, and had to visit an urgent care facility. They gave him some medicine, and told him to see his ENT when he returned home. To make a long story short, we changed primary care physicians when our current doctor would not give my husband a referral to see an ENT. My new doctor recommended Dr. Leveno, and I reluctantly agreed, though I did had reservations about a male OB-GYN. Boy, was I wrong!

Dr. Leveno set my mind at ease, he has a very good bedside manner. He diagnosed my condition by just talking to me for fifteen minutes! He confirmed it with a simple test, and less than five months later, we conceived our first of two children, all thanks to an Dr. Leveno and an ear ache.

Dr. Leveno not only talks to his patients. He listens to them, and my family is living proof that he knows his stuff. We consider Dr. Leveno a great doctor, and a great friend. I highly recommend Dr. Leveno, as well as his awesome staff for all of your OB-GYN needs.

Melissa & Art DeBuigny

After several miscarriages and one late term loss, we were losing hope of having a baby. We were referred to Dr. Leveno by a previous caregiver, and his confidence and reassurance renewed our hope. He ran several tests to find out exactly what was going on with me, and he came up with a plan for our next try. Dr. Leveno and his staff were so warm and reassuring during my pregnancy and labor and delivery. We are so blessed to have our daughter and we will be forever grateful for Dr. Leveno.

Casey Farrell

I was referred to Dr. Leveno in 2008 by my previous OB when I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant with quadruplets. Being high risk, my doctors wanted me to be cared for by someone who dealt with high risk pregnancies on a regular basis and who also had privileges at a hospital with a well known, medically advanced NICU. My husband and I were a little bummed about being forced to switch doctors but after meeting Dr. Leveno, we both knew it was where we were meant to be. Dr. Leveno and his staff took phenomenal care of me during my pregnancy, hospital bedrest and offered unending support during our long NICU stay.

After delivering our quadruplets, Dr. Leveno was able to diagnose me with PCOS. He was very knowledgeable and informed me about what is was, how it affects fertility and several options I could consider to manage it. My husband and I knew we wanted to add another baby to our family but were hesitant given the situation we found ourselves in the first time we tried to get pregnant. After discussing our concerns with Dr. Leveno, he was understanding, supportive and prescribed a medicine to help regulate my body so I’d have a shot at conceiving on my own. Three months later we were thrilled to learn we were pregnant with (one) precious baby! Dr. Leveno and his staff, like before, took excellent care of me and helped me safely welcome our sweet boy into the world in October of 2012.

Our family highly recommends Dr. Leveno and his small, close knit staff to anyone looking for a great doctor. From pregnancies to personal issues to general annual visits, he has been nothing short of amazing. With his professionalism yet down to earth, easy to talk to personality it’s no wonder he’s loved by so many!

Heather Cox, BGGB Quadruplets

I moved to Texas from Chicago several years ago and my husband and I had decided it would be a good idea to look into getting a doctor so we can start thinking about having a family. A friend referred Dr Leveno to me and so I reluctantly went as I am not a fan of any doctors at all. On my first visit he did a routine check up which included a pap smear and informed me of any health related things I would need to know as to getting pregnant when we were ready.

He called me a few days later to tell me that they found something they were concerned about in my pap smear and it turned out to be endometrial cancer. Endometrial cancer was very rare for my age so on top of it being cancer the type of cancer threw everyone for a loop. He sent me to a oncologist and I was put on medication that did not fix the cancer at all. I was told by that oncologist that we would have to have a hysterectomy as the medication did not work and there was nothing else to do. My husband and I were very upset and devasted as not just did I still have cancer but I would never be able to give birth. Dr Leveno called me several days after the bad news and told me he had a specific oncologist that he wanted me to see and we were not taking a hysterectomy as a final answer from the first oncologist. I later found out that he had done a lot of research on my cancer and called several doctors about possible solutions to get rid of this cancer without me having to get a hysterectomy. I went to see the new oncologist and he gave me and Dr Leveno a protocol that we followed of medicine and a couple DNC’s. Dr Leveno did both of my DNC’s and always reassured me we were getting closer to beating this and going to have that baby. He always kept my spirits up with every visit over those two years by telling me how far we had come and we were getting closer.

We finally got a clean bill of health after a little over two years and then the ok to go ahead and try to conceive from Dr Leveno. It took 9 months from my clean bill of health but we got pregnant, and 9 months later we welcomed a beautiful healthy baby girl. And 19 months after the first baby we were able to have another beautiful healthy baby girl as well. We would have never been able to have these two beautiful girls and be cancer free if it were not for Dr Leveno and his relentlessness.

He is such a caring, warm, and loving doctor. He makes you feel very comfortable no matter what you are there to see him for and always listens to every word or concern you have. Dr Leveno always makes me feel like he is there for me and goes above and beyond to make sure he gets the results I came to him for. I can not say enough positive things about Dr Leveno. I know you do not find many doctors like him out there today. He is truly one great doctor.

I can not say enough about his staff either. They are the most warm and friendly people I have ever met in a doctors office. I never feel like a stranger there. The front office always has a warm welcome and goodbye and the nurses always make me feel at ease in whatever I am there for. They are a wonderful group of ladies that go above and beyond in there jobs as well. Dr Leveno and his staff are one of a kind.

Emily Lynch